Are you tired of praying for more business?

Like most executives and established business owners, you probably approach marketing your products or services in one of these ways:

  • You’ve tried doing it on your own but failed to see results
  • You know what it is, but don’t have the time or resources to do it, right
  • You don’t know what it is or where to start

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, having effective marketing to win more sales, increase profits and grow your business should be simple, painless and profitable.

These days, winning doesn’t happen by miracle.

To be successful in the past, all a business needed was a few expensive phone book listings, basic advertising and a small army of salespeople making cold calls.

Unfortunately today’s buyers have drastically changed.

Most people throw the phone book in the trash and educate themselves before they buy, using Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing on their computers and mobile phones. They buy exactly what they want at the price they want to pay without talking to any pushy salespeople.

Everything is moving online, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it — traditional advertising methods like newspapers, radio and TV are on their way out, and social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the place to be if you want to win.

Because of this shift in buying habits, getting your products or services in front of new and existing clients isn’t easy.

You need proven marketing strategies that pay big.

Successful marketing in this age means you have to take big steps forward to grow and future-proof your business by:

  • Developing a unique and unforgettable brand image for your business
  • Attracting customers with rich information sources that clearly describe the features and benefits of what you have to offer
  • Knowing your target audience, what they want and exactly where to find them, both online and offline
  • Getting your business listed on the first page of Internet search engines — regardless of your size or where you’re located
  • Transforming your website into a web business that people can easily find, visit and buy from without talking to a salesperson
  • Building new relationships and staying on top of current relationships (even when you’re sleeping) using automated tools
  • Proving your credibility and communicating with customers using popular online social media outlets
  • Gathering marketing data that provides clear insight into what’s working and what’s not, so you can fix it

For most people, these shifts in thinking are overwhelming. What if your approach doesn’t work? Not to mention the intimidating technology and learning curves involved.

You know you need to future-proof your business, but most importantly you need a holistic marketing strategy that produces the results you need to happen  —  fast.

After all, time is money. Fortunately, you’ve found us.

We make winning more sales simple and profitable.

We specialize in helping businesses like yours and can help you:

  • Find the same customer data and market research big corporations use to grow their businesses and apply it to yours  —  all in easy-to-understand ways that drive measureable returns on every dollar you spend
  • Use that same data to instantly target and attract clients who are ready to buy your products or services right now
  • Build a holistic presence that positions your business as the ultimate authority and dominates every area of your market space
  • Position you neck-and-neck with your competitors (and then blow them out of the water, no matter how big they are or how long they’ve been in business)

We’ve spent the majority of our careers helping companies — from million dollar businesses to government agencies and global, multi-billion dollar corporations — make big improvements to the way they market their products and services so they can grow.

We’ve taken our most powerful strategies and created simplified solutions that will get your business online immediately. We can also get you noticed in all of the right places offline.

And unlike other “Internet Marketing Experts,” we know exactly what to do when your sales shoot through the roof and you have more business than you can handle. Our years of experience dealing with complex sales improvement strategies puts us in a position to help you sell easier and grow pain free — that’s exactly what happens when we equip you with the unshakeable advantage to SimplySell®.

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